Alpha Technologies

The basis solutions of the Alpha UPS are the core setup solution and easy to install hot-swap products. The extensive product portfolio offers a wide range of industry solutions and needs of individual houses.


Our specially produced UPS for TCDD

Both Inverter and Rectifier are real modular (availibility > 0.999) and
through additional services module on site the power can be increased.

Modules are lightweight, easily portable and could be changed under power
(hot plugin). Easy maintenance

1/3 Phase Input, 1/3 Phase Output. All types of Input - Output combinations can be programmed via software

Input operating voltage range of 3-phase 160 - 400 V rms, of 1-phase 90 - 300 V rms. Also a voltage regulator (AVR) is not required

Output working power and frequency can totally be programmed with software.

AC input power factor, >0.9 and does not require any compensation.

Because the DC bus voltage of 48 V DC (44 - 60 V dc) all Telecom equipment can be supplied directly as battey backup line. Therefore it does not require an additional power supply for Telecom.

The entire system can be serviced by a single Controller. The connection can be made over Ethernet access or RS-232/485 series.

All alarms (More than 100 alarm information) can be programmed and assigned to the desired output. Monitoring via LCD touch display.

8 hours backup and in 5 hours batteries reaches charging capacity of 95%, etc. ...